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“We have worked with GreenCentre over the years and found them to be extremely knowledgeable, working with high velocity and excellent communication.  They have been integral to ASM on several projects and consider them part of our extended 
R&D community.”  

Eric Shero,

Director of ALD Process & Applications Development at ASM


For more information on this collaboration visit the GreenCentre corporate website, https://www.greencentrecanada.com/news-articles/news/asm-international-chooses-greencentre-canada-research-services/

"GreenCentre Canada is an outstanding external collaboration partner."

Timothy December,

Development Expert at BASF


For more information on this collaboration visit the GreenCentre corporate website, https://www.greencentrecanada.com/news-articles/news/basf-greencentre-canada-research-collaboration-finds-success/

"GreenCentre Canada plays an essential role in advancing our technology into the commercial realm.  In partnership with GreenCentre, we have set up several industrially sponsored collaborations to demonstrate the value of the technology to prospective clients. Our partnership with GreenCentre has dramatically accelerated the commercial validation and the time-to-market of our technology."

Prof. Steve Bergens,

University of Alberta

"My relationship with GreenCentre Canada has been very helpful in further developing and commercializing our catalyst technologies.  Their model is very well suited to the academic who wishes to commercialize their inventions.  GreenCentre has supported funding applications, contributed to our product development, and is putting our technologies in front of partners and customers who can accelerate their commercialization."

Prof. Doug Stephan,

University of Toronto, Canada Research Chair

“The RIC Centre is thrilled to partner with Green Centre Canada through the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.  This strategic partnerships adds incredible value to the collective network.  Access to industry specialists allow us to truly fast track entrepreneurs and start-up companies to move closer to commercialization.  By working together we can see a positive economic impact in our communities.”

Pam Banks, Executive Director,

RIC (Research Innovation Commercialization) Centre



"GreenCentre Canada has been highly innovative in assisting our product development efforts.  Working with GreenCentre Canada has resulted in a product prototype that could revolutionize the rubber adhesive market while being environmentally friendly in nature.  Staff at GreenCentre Canada are highly adept at developing new and innovative chemistries, and we look forward to continuing to move this product towards commercialization with them"

Peter Snucins,

CEO Polycorp Ltd.

“Our partnership with the GreenCentre Canada to commercialize our green chemistry discoveries has been a hugely beneficial relationship, allowing us to fully capitalize the multiple applications of our initial discovery.

I believe that it is the teamwork approach to commercializing our green chemistry discoveries to be one of the success hallmarks of the GreenCentre Canada.  They have significant expertise and resources normally not available to any university, much less a small institution like ours.

GreenCentre Canada has been instrumental as our commercialization partner.  Their broad expertise and resources has enabled several of our chemical discoveries to be scaled up and tested to the point where many industrial clients of the GreenCentre Canada are seeking sub-licenses to our technologies.”  

Andrew J. D. Kendall,

Manager, Industry Liaison and Knowledge Transfer Office,
St. Francis Xavier University